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Urban landscape, documenting the rapid urban changes
An arterial road in West Melbourne. There are extensive modifications to the walking track. This track is used by walkers but primarily cyclists who commute into the city. The modifications are part of the Metro Rail network upgrade.

Altfotonet_Contemporary ISSN 1836-845X

This publication is a work in progress. It has been reborn as a consequence of the current pandemic the world is in. A situation that has forced new ways of sharing ideas and exhibiting art works. I cannot extend enough thanks to Dr .Gary Sauer-Thompson for his input and encouragement in getting this publication off the ground again after an 11 year hiatus. In 2009 I published 3 issues of a modest e-zine, Dr. Thomspon contributed to the early edition as well. It has been archived here.

Moving forward I hope to publish exhibitions of photographs and other ideas based on work that explore, the built environment, walking and photography among other ideas.

This is the 21st century. Photography has never been used by so many people the world over. Yet it uses and functions continue to expand mutate, evolve. As does I hope its appreciation and the debates around it uses and functions.

This blog/zine will attempt to examine ideas about how photography is being used with a focus on the built environment, walking, photography and online publishing. 

If you have an idea you wish to share or a body of work that may fit these evolving criteria contact the editor to discuss your ideas.

Volunteer run and operated. Publishing will occur as frequently as I can muster the time to do so.

Future issues will be linked on this page or under issues. Contact the editor if you have a project you wish to share, want to collaborate or indeed publish an issue yourself.

Stuart Murdoch

Editor 2020-07-10