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A cyber-based, e-zine and gallery, published in Melbourne Australia. ISSN 1836-845X

Welcome to, an art review e-zine/gallery on the internet.

This is the archived edition of altfotonet.

The contemporary section is here.

This site sits somewhere between the democratic cacophony of sites like flickr and corporate styles of many commercial galleries, without the formality of state run institutions.

This is the publishing end of a group on flickr, the flickr group was specificaly set up to seed this publication.

To seek submission to an upcoming exhibition, you need to submit work via flickr. If you don't have a flickr account a free one will suffice, join, upload some images to flickr, then join In all likelihood your work will end up here, in one of our upcoming issues.

We are currently seeking submissions from creatives/artists/ideologues/ratbags/visionaries, who use lenses and light sensitive materials to make statements, create ideas or explore the notion of 'photography' and what it, 'photography', means in the 21st century.

The inaugural issue of this publication was published in Febraury 2009, we plan to publish quarterly.

Submit a body of work for selection, using either this site or flickr.

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ISSN 1836-845X

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