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How to submit to

Here's how to submit a body of work for selection to a be exhibited on

Submissions are no longer accepted.

The quickest and easiest way to get us to look at your work, is join flickr [it's free] and ask to become a member of the group, The admins there will then admit you to the pool and, view any submissions you add to the pool.

We are also planning on exploring concepts and ideas in the group pool, at this stage perhaps on a bi-monthly basis. you could alternatively send an e-mail with a brief statement [100 to 200 words] about your work and ideas with a link to your portfolio, to e d i t o r @ [remove the spaces]

Need help writing a statement, try this resource.

Want to read up on who's done what in the history of photography, here is a mixed bag of texts to expand your photographic knowledge.

Want to 'see' some of the masters of Photography in the 20th century?

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