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Welcome to a peer based art review magazine/gallery, focusing on lens based practices, [no pun intended]. A kind of artist's run cyber-gallery for image makers, using lenses in conjunction with light sensitive materials.

This site sits somewhere between the democratic cacophony of sites like flickr and corporate styles of many commercial galleries, without the formality of state run institutions. It is published in Melbourne Australia, but has a worldwide focus on lens based art practices.

We the publishers intend on showcasing new and innovative work made using still cameras, or any image capture device for that matter, of all shapes and sizes.

Our aim is best described by José Luis Brea

Perhaps one of the programmatic dreams of the avant-garde -which has been on hold for the longest period of time over the course of this century- was that of generating true 'communities of media producers', to use Bertolt Brecht's well-known expression. His experiments with radio, those of Soviet artists with film, or of the soixante-huitard neo-avant-garde with video activism, guerrilla television, or cinéma-vérité were all part of a dream that never came true [but has never been given up, either]: that of developing -through artistic practice itself, thus conceived as activism that is simultaneously politically and media oriented- autonomous public spheres, social interaction devices able to induce in the citizenry ways of direct communication, not media state.

Irregulalry throughout the year our intrepid band of artist-reviewers choose the best from a series of submissions received earlier during the year, or culled from flickr. The results are published, here.

If you have a body of work or an idea for a series of images you wish to display here, pop over to the submit page for the guidelines, on how to submit.

Who chooses the work?

Our volunteer reviewers are:-

Who Publishes

Publisher; Stuart Murdoch

4 Chapman St. Sunshine,
Australia 3020
ph. +61418595592
e-mail; editor @ altfotonet . org

Editor/s; Stuart Murdoch, Gary Sauer-Thompson

Technical Production; Stuart Murdoch

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