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Alec Soth Returns to Blogging

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The return of JPG Mag will be warmly received by many serious amateur photographers. I always enjoyed it's philosophy and spirit and know several fellow Melbourne Photographers who had work published in it.

It seems to me that hard copy publications like this and online ones, like, are a doing a great job in exposing and sharing more and more of the great work being produced 'out there'.

The first issue  of the Haphazart magazine  is out---- it is produced by self-entitled FREAKS, FOOLS AND PRANKSTERS! It looks good in terms of  the magazine reflecting the origin of this Flickr group.  There is more  about the magazine on pa gillet's blog. You can buy the book from Blurb

Haphazartmagazine.jpg The featured artists are PA Gillet (pa gillet), Krystina Stimakovits (casually, krystina),  Dom Ciancibelli, Mike Lusk (finsmal), Christian Kinzler  (tossthecam).

An interview with pa gillet kicks things off. gillet, who set  the Hapazart group up  two years ago,  describes his work in terms of pictorial meaning, which  refers to painting,  as being interested in the object not the photographic project. The work, primarily of walls and roads,  is  informed by Nicolas de StaĆ«l and Serge Poliakoff and Lewis Baltz, and  it moves as far away from looking like a photograph as possible. The work operates in terms of chance and explores the wear and tear on  these surfaces of the city.


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Having recently been in New Zealand on a holiday and photographic exploration I want to draw attention to New Zealand photography and PhotoForum.

I have selected Murray Hedwig, a Christchurch-based photographer:

Murray Hedwig, Supermarket, Atawhai, Nelson, 1983

Hedwig is part of the new wave photography that emerged in the late 1970s with the emergence of the photographer based co-operative galleries. Around 2005 he published Public Spaces, Personal Views.

Photoforum emerged  out of  this photographic new wave and it  is:

a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion of photography as a means of communication and expression.[It's] website showcases New Zealand photographic work and work of overseas photographers with some connection to New Zealand or PhotoForum.

There is a lot on material online to explore.  It has online exhibitions, the most recent of which is Photoforum 33.

First Edit.

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Flickr: Search concrete canvas

I have begun editing the image choices for the first issue of the e-gallery. Here's a sample of the 1st page of edits.

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