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Aaron Schuman, the editor of the online photography magazine, SeeSaw Magazine has curated an exhibition in the FotoFest 2010 entitled Whatever was Splendid: New American Photographs

The Curatorial statement says:

The exhibition Whatever Was Splendid explores the parallels that exist--both in America and in photography--between our own time and that of Evans, and the enduring power of American Photographs as discerned through contemporary U.S. photographic practice....At its heart, Whatever Was Splendid is centrally informed by the legacy of American Photographs, and by Evans' vital contributions to the nation's photographic language and traditions. That said, it is by no means intended as a nostalgic update or sentimental plea for photography (or, for that matter, America) to return to its past. As much as Evans' precedent has provided both the inspiration and reinforcing framework for this exhibition, Whatever Was Splendid is first and foremost the manifestation of the intelligence, ingenuity, and multiplicity of voices and visions that can be found within current U.S. photographic practice

One of the photographers is Will Steacy, a New York based photographer and writer, who currently has an exhibition entitled Down These Mean Streets at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery.


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PhotoAccess is at the Manuka Arts Centre, in Canberra. It is an incorporated community association that aims to provide opportunities right across the community, including groups and individuals whose access to photo media is limited by gender, geography, income, disability or other reasons.

Their exhibition space is the Huw Davis Gallery, which is a public art gallery and the only community gallery space in the ACT dedicated to the photo based arts.

A recent exhibition--in 2009---was the 25th Anniversary Print Portfolio, which consisted of sixteen images donated by artists closely associated with PhotoAccess as board members, board advisors, staff, course tutors and exhibiting members make up the print portfolio.
Marzena Wasikowska is a Polish born and Canberra-based visual artist who works with the photographic medium in portraiture and in the landscape both in Australia and Europe.

A recent, and intriguing body of work is Fallen, which was produced between 2004-07.

The images are dark, blurred, monotone and in low light. They are of rocks walls and a hole in the ground. We are in the abyss or the underworld, or the unconscious. It could be well be images of the Australian landscape as sites for representations of Australian history and memory.

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