New York Photo Festival

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The New York Photo Festival 2010 has just ended. The main exhibitions are here whilst the satellite exhibitions are here if you want to go exploring. The exhibitions themselves do not seem to be online but we are given links to the various photographers participating in the exhibitions. In addition to its four main exhibitions, runs a programme of talks, lectures and panel discussions on the future of contemporary photography.

One of the most interesting body of photographers exhibited is Marc Garanger's Femmes Algériennes--images of Algerian women unveiled during the Algerian war (1954-1962)--which featured in the "Bodies In Question" exhibit, curated by Fred Ritchin the author of "After Photography" (2008)

GarangerMAlgeria.jpg Marc Garanger, untitled,  from Femmes Alg√©riennes

The background is that the images were made in a French internment camp and the Algerian women were forced to be photographed and Garanger, the military photographer, had to take the picture for French identity cards given to Algerians during their mid-20th Century War of Independence. Garanger was ordered by the French military to force the women to show their faces in public, often for the first time.The colonial period in Algeria ended in 1962.
The images remind me Edward Curtis' images of Native Americans and are a form of cultural imperialism. The glance/gaze in Marc Garangers early works needs to be seen in the long tradition of European gaze, which, driven by the values of Enlightenment, was - and still is - encouraged to bring all hidden to the light, to unveil the concealed and to disenchant the veiled. This glance-on-the-world and its cultures defined as objective and scientific, at the same time has given direction and perspective along which the world has been organised and ruled. After several attempts, in August 2004, invited by the Algerian State, Marc Garanger was able to revisit the places and villages in Algeria, which he had photographed as a soldier in 1960. He has started to search for the lost and open ends in his personal history and to reconnected them within his new situation. Documents of his new search-for-traces are parts of the exhibition.

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