Murray Fredericks: Lake Eyre

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There would be few Australian photographers working with an 8x10 view or field camera in these digital days. One that I know of is Murray Fredericks and his Lake Eyre series.

Each year since 2003  Fredericks has camped for 5 weeks alone on the surface of Lake Eyre immersed in space with his  8" x 10" Toyo field  camera. The subject of Fredericks' photographs is emptiness, infinity and the void.

FredericksMsaltlakeeyre5.jpg Murray Fredericks, SALT 5, Lake Eyre series

Often the only reference point is provided by the razor sharp horizon devoid of features as can be seen in the image over the page:
FredericksMSalt236.jpg Murray Fredericks, SALt 236, Lake Eyre

A documentary by Michael Angus, entitled Salt, was made of the trials and tribulations in  Frederick's Lake Eyre project.


They showed the documentary "SALT" on ABC (or maybe ABC2) a few months back. Great stuff!

yes I managed to see it. Fascinating. Lot of energy and money to do the project though. It is beyond my capabilities.

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