Ballarat International Foto Biennale: Sam Oster

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I haven't posted anything here on the 2009 Ballarat International Foto Biennale, even though it was an important event in Australian photography, and the festival has been included Festival de la Luz or Festival of Light [FOL], a grouping of 32 festivals of photography worldwide.

Sam Oster was one Australian photographer who exhibited in the core program. This is the flagship of the Biennale, featuring a selection of some of the best contemporary photography from Australia and around the world.


There is little of Oster's art photography work on the web other than what is her Silvertrace studio website, which is part of the broader Adelaide-based Headquarters Studio. collective.
Oster's Short Circuit project at the Biennale consisted of a variety of discarded vintage electrical appliances --eg., irons, fans, heaters--rescued from junk yards and attics, which were photographed in an enclosed boxed space in a studio. The enclosed space draws attention initially to the object itself and then to the photograph as a constructed image.

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