Australian photographers: Gordon Undy

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I know very little about the work of Gordon Lundy, other than his association with the Point Light Gallery in Sydney. Form there I gather that his interest is black and white interpretations of the intimate Australian landscape, and that his photographic background is studying landscape photography with Paul Caponigro and fine printing with George Tice who also introduced him to the craft of platinum/palladium in 1994.

UndyGBurdekinDam.jpg Gordon Undy, Burdekin Dam, Queensland, circa 1994-1996

Robert McFarlane says that Undy's images from Intimations, his second book, reveal a photographer moving away from the orthodoxies of classic landscape photography, as pioneered by artists such as Caponigro, Weston and Adams:
Undy's pictures have become quieter, meditative and somehow more intensely Australian. Until recently, landscape photographers in this country, with notable exceptions such as Jon Lewis and Peter Elliston, have been deterred by the "untidiness" and "density" of the Australian bush. Undy's recent photographs, such as Midday, Mungana, Queensland 2003 embrace the compressed, inconvenient nature of the Australian landscape.
I am attracted to Undy's industrial shots made whilst documenting Queensland's mining country in the mid-1990's.
Undy's industrial documentary work is wider than mining. I can find little about who commissioned this kind of regional work.--a publisher producing a history book perhaps?

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