'Thirteen' at Stills Gallery

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The current  exhibition at  Stills Gallery in  Sydney, Australia, is entitled Thirteen   and  it provides a selection of work from a wide range of photographic artists. Thirteen refers to the number of artists some of whom I do not know. Since there is no  online exhibition catalogue  that explores this body of work,  it is a matter of dipping in and having a look.

One photographer whose work I do know, and  for whom I have a lot of respect, is Mark Kimber. His base is in Adelaide, and his most recent series  is Edgeland:

Mark Kimber, Supermarket, from Edgeland, 2008

Kimber is able to use colour as a part of the design of the image and as a mode of expression and so works in the tradition initiated by William Eggelston, whose mature work was characterized by the splashes and blocks of colour amidst ordinary subject-matter, and which has its roots in the photorealists.
John Szarkowski in the Introduction to William Eggleston's Guide says of colour photography:

Outside the studio, where such control has been impossible, color has induced timidity and an avoidance of those varieties of meaning that are not in the narrowest sense aesthetic. Most color photography, in short, has been either formless or pretty. In the first case the meanings of color have been ignored; in the second they have been considered at the expense of allusive meanings. While editing directly from life, photographers have found it too difficult to see simultaneously both the blue and the sky.
Kimber's work is characterised by strong form and intense blocks of colour, whilst avoiding the overkill of some of the Photoshopped digital work on Flickr or the prettiness of National Geographic. Kimber's images are not photographs of color, any more than they are photographs of shapes, textures, objects, symbols, or events, They are photographs of experience, as it has been ordered and clarified within the structures imposed by the technological apparatus of the camera.

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