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Fabiono Busdraghi  on his  Camera Obscura blog recently made a call to deepen the discourse on photography. Unfortunately,  the post was in Italian and, as  I cannot read Italian, I do not know what the phrase "deepening the discourse on photography " means. On Camera Obscura it appears to mean photographers submitting photos and text  that then become a post on the weblog.

I interpret the phrase "the discourse on photography"  to refer to writing about photography whilst the  "deepening" would refer to more theoretically informed and better writing on photography on a variety of issues --eg.,  the objective appearance of things in the photograph and  photography's capacity to  express something beyond the surface appearance of things. Or the way that the discipline of Art History frames photography in the context of the commodification of visual culture and the rise of modernism and its utopian longing  in the art institution with an evaluation system based on masterpieces and masters, originality and innovation, and so on.  Or the ways that artists challenge photographic conventions.

At another level it could be a grater linking to other weblogs written by photographers  so as to create more of a sense of an  ongoing  conversation between, and by,  photographers and those writing about photography as in the year long project entitled Words Without Pictures by  the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Or it could be to situate this weblog more in what is happening in photography in Australia, such as galleries, exhibitions, events, lectures, other weblogs, magazines etc. The digital vacuum means  that there is a death of material online under open access and so there is limited material to plug into,  and bounce off. Still there is a need to  focused more on the culture and place where we live.

An exception  is Flash a  new quarterly journal of reviews, interviews and comment on photography and video, published by the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne. The first issue is out.

However, is international and so there is a need to look at what is what haappening in these areas in Europe and America.

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