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This post is two months late. It was meant to be a guest post by _barb_ but the material got stranded in some Flickr anabranches for a couple of months. So here, belatedly, is _barb's_ post.

This photo by NNBB + Alf is called Buenos Aires.

AltofotnetnbbBuenosAires.jpg One thing that I always enjoy in photos is a sense of lightness and effortlessness, as if an image was taken casually in passing. Quite often images can carry a heavy air of self consciousness through too much staging or subsequent labouring in photoshop. Often too, I feel that not enough attention has been given to the subject matter and too much is about the photographer's personal taste in editing.

Buenos Aires does things the right way. This photo was taken with a light hand but a sure- footed sense of how to build a picture up. The visual weight is distributed just right and the lines flow with an easy elegance that lets us at first glance forget that we are looking at quite a complex and intelligent composition.
Instead we are left to ponder the strange space NNBB & Alf have looked at. <br /> <br/>

 This picture is as much about people as it is about architecture, I am wondering who uses this space, what do they think about it, and what the designer who conceived it had in mind. There is a certain air of prison yard about it brought about by the lack of any adornment, and the waythe walls tightly enclose the area. However, the photographer found a beauty and airiness in this place that may never have been part of the designer's plan for this structure. There's a richness of detail that belies its sparseness, and the muted colours carry an air of calmness and stillness. <br /> <br/>

 There is a paradox in concrete architecture in that its plainness can be very appealing in a world that's often overdesigned and badly designed. It's good to look at architecture that is just functional and devoid of visual gimmickery, and much of that adds to the appeal of this photo. <br /> <br/>

This is an open ended photo, it makes me ask questions, and I wish there were more of those around.

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