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Having recently been in New Zealand on a holiday and photographic exploration I want to draw attention to New Zealand photography and PhotoForum.

I have selected Murray Hedwig, a Christchurch-based photographer:

Murray Hedwig, Supermarket, Atawhai, Nelson, 1983

Hedwig is part of the new wave photography that emerged in the late 1970s with the emergence of the photographer based co-operative galleries. Around 2005 he published Public Spaces, Personal Views.

Photoforum emerged  out of  this photographic new wave and it  is:

a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion of photography as a means of communication and expression.[It's] website showcases New Zealand photographic work and work of overseas photographers with some connection to New Zealand or PhotoForum.

There is a lot on material online to explore.  It has online exhibitions, the most recent of which is Photoforum 33.
More significantly there is a collection of portfolios of New Zealand established photographers and a portfolio of member's work. It also functions as a resource base for New Zealand  photography  as it shows the work of 161 New Zealand photographers.  There is a  members only magazine ---Memento--and a blog
that keeps members up to date with news. All in all it is pretty good effort.


Wow great find there Gary; how do you think it stacks up against Melbourne's CCP [], and the ACP [] in Sydney?

The Australiaan ones you refer to above are more professional outfits. Photoforum is DYI which I find more appealing.

I finally got to have a look at 'Public Spaces, Personal Views', what a fantastic book.

I finally got to have a look at 'Public Spaces, Personal Views', what a fantastic book.

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