Lawrence Aberhart: condensed forms of expression

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I am continuing with my recent theme of rediscovering New Zealand photographers as a result of being in New Zealand. Laurence Aberhart has been at the forefront of New Zealand photography since the late 1970s, and is recognised as a major international figure. AberhartLpiano.jpg Laurence Aberhart,"Te Waiherehere', Koroniti, Whanganui River 29 May 1986 Like the paintings of Colin McCahon -- an artist with whom Aberhart is frequently paired -- his photographs of churches, marae, cemeteries, Masonic Lodges are a sustained meditation on time, place and cultural history.
AberhartDimboola.jpg Lawrence Aberhart, Dimboola, Victoria, 1977 He has recently published a book of his work. His work--- 'condensed forms of expression'--- is often a mourning for what has been lost---eg., this lament for the loss of native birds: AberhartLMoreporks.jpg Lawrence Aberhart, Moreporks (Bird Skins Room no. 2) Taranaki St, Wellington, 1995, printed 2000 gelatin silver photograph Aberhart's work shows that over time, photographers develop their own language - their own visual imagery. Just as poets condense language, photographers condense visual imagery and images become condensations of the greater world.

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