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 Is there a connection between  representation and responsibility?

The standard response is yes and the answer is usually given in terms of either the artist being responsible for  the truth of the representation, or the artist being ethically responsible in relation to their audience. In this picture---Close----  by Incognita Nom de Plume the responsibility  would refer to the Spanish culture, the family of the dead,  and to the power of the picture and its  possible diverse interpretations by Flickr members.


The standard response goes against, or is a response to,   the notion of art or photography as a lie, or   just fooling around; or the modernist account of art as representation only being responsible to itself--its own form, genre, necessity, etc.  

It is not just the artists who produces the representations who have responsibility ---we, the interpreters of the picture,  have responsibility as well, since our interpretations and the way we frame the image in discourse, is also a representation within a network of social relations.

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