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gymnopedie no. 1

This image, by donina on flickr, asks several questions. Once we move beyond, the obvious, like why they the bins are there, why only 3, what has been excluded, once we move beyond, the graphic elements and the colour and the light, what is left? More questions. Questions about consumerism, questions about re-cycling, questions about beauty.

Is this enough to elevate this image to something more than mere document?


This image is more about colour---green + blue + gray--- than a document. What strikes the eye is the green then the blue, then the black then the grey.

as the "artist", i want to be clear that it not my intention to pose questions of the viewer.

i take photos of scenes that strike me aesthetically and i believe modern art is open to interpretation.

my only desire as a photographer is that my images evoke a response from the viewer. if this response is emotional, then i'm thrilled. your response of seeing several questions is great. however, i do not ask these questions. the image does not ask these questions. you ask these questions of yourself *in response* to the image.

by all means, question and hypothesise all you like, but i'd prefer to make my point of view clear.

i took this photo because i felt the colours provided tension, as did the odd number of bins and the black wheels contrasted with the blocks of colours. i did not move anything, i did not colour anything in post-processing. this is how i saw it, and as my camera captured it.

what you see is what you see. the questions are your own.

as freud put it sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. sometimes 3 blue bins against a green wall is just 3 blue bins against a green wall.

You're right d, some would find the colours justification enough and there's nothing wrong with that. Many, however will see more, depending on the context the image is presented in, to really engage me I enjoy, indeed thrive on other ideas and challenges. Could you see this image forming a part of a larger 'body of work' that explores the aesthetics of recycling, or the emotive power of colour or any other number of idea this image MAY contain? William Eggleston was a master at this, you should look at his work, he may have some of the answers you seek.

We all have a story to tell, often a similar story to the ones who went before us, we simply just tell it our own way in our own culture. Why do you think Shakespeare is still around.

Donina-placing a picture in a Flickr stream of a particular group changes its meaning from the intention of the picture maker, as it is now read by the audience of other picture makers in relation to the other images in the defined stream of pictures.

The same picture can be read quite differently in two different Flickr groups. The audience does not know the intention behind the image, unless this is made quite explicit by the picture maker.

I notice the groups this image is located within include colour, wheelie bins, still life. That's three very different perspectives on the one picture. It is this that gives rise to questions, and it is the capacity of the picture to be at home in the three stream that make it interesting for viewers.

When I first started exploring flickr, using the idea of multiple groups was an idea I explored extensively, I never did gauge how many people appreciated that?

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