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The site, stemmed from a variety of ideas some of which had been brewing since 1995.

In 1995, my creative interests took a mild detour. The detour was,the web generally, over the years I watched the internet grow and change. By 2004 the web, and it's infrastructure  had changed enough to permit uploading, and viewing of images, that were being produced by the cameras that too had continued to improve. Sites like flickr, complimented these ideas.

My interests in photography, are varied, and after several years of hanging around on flickr I realised that the establishment either wasn't taking the idea of online art seriously, or just had no idea what was going on.

Meanwhile flickr had long reached critical mass and the gems were getting harder and harder to find amongst the sunsets, babies, kittens and flowers. I wanted to share and get involved in photography and photographers who were interested in more than some preconceived notion of what constituted a good photograph.

So altfotonet was born.

This blog will serve as a place to source images ideas and discussion for the site. Submissions will be discussed and new finds will be pimped here.


There is serious work on Flickr beside thesunsets, babies, kittens, dogs and flowers.--it appears to be found in those groups where the photographers are shooting film. But not exclusively so. There is good digital work being done in some of the landscape and urban groups.

Gary, don't get me wrong, I agree, there *is* serious work out there, it just seems to me to be getting harder and harder to find. I think that having a true appreciation for what a photograph can be and can say, requires more than just a grasp of technique. Sadly, to go that bit further, is often beyond many people's scope of interest, which is fine, but I personally am in it for the long haul, and for that I need lot's of nourishment, not just little pieces of eye candy.

Maybe the blog could have some links to what members of altfotonet.orgjudge to be the best and most interesting photostreams on Flickr?

To kick things off I offer Film is not dead it just smells funny as the stream is good, it has a weblog">">weblog and they are developing a book.

There must be other examples of good innovative work along the lines being explored by

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